The most recent stable release of Factsmith is version 1.4. (What's New) Click the appropriate button for your operating system to begin downloading. (For the Linux version, make sure to read the installation instructions carefully.)

Download Factsmith for Windows Download Factsmith for Linux

The old email list is deprecated (update alerts are now internal), but you can sign up for development alerts here if you wish.

System Requirements

Factsmith has very minimal system requirements; if you have a standard Windows computer, you should be able to run it. Specific requirements:

A computer 500 MHz or faster is recommended for best operation. Most recent computers have the Microsoft .NET framework pre-installed; if you don't have it, you can download it from the Microsoft website here.

Older Versions

Legacy versions of Factsmith are available below for historical interest and debugging purposes. Ordinary users should install the current stable version, above.

Factsmith v1.3 (installer)June 19, 2011723 KB
Factsmith v1.2 (installer)May 31, 2011706 KB
Factsmith v1.1 (installer)May 7, 2011703 KB
Factsmith v1.0p (installer)December 30, 2010576 KB
Factsmith v1.0 (installer)July 24, 2010575 KB
Factsmith v0.95 BETA (installer)March 14, 2010481 KB
Factsmith v0.9 BETA (installer)September 15, 2009452 KB
Factsmith v0.8 BETA (installer)January 13, 2009316 KB
Factsmith v0.7 BETA (installer)December 2, 2008301 KB
FreeScribe v0.6 ALPHA (zip)November 18, 2008156 KB
FreeScribe v0.5 ALPHA (zip)November 12, 2008142 KB
FreeScribe v0.4 ALPHA (zip)October 19, 2008131 KB
FreeScribe v0.3 ALPHA (zip)October 11, 2008127 KB
FreeScribe v0.2 ALPHA (zip)October 2, 2008117 KB
FreeScribe v0.1 ALPHA (zip)September 24, 200891 KB

Note: Prior to v0.7 Beta, Factsmith was known as FreeScribe.