Online Synchronization Archives

Syncbox is an HTTP synchronization host for Factsmith v1.1 and up. Synchronization allows you to share and collaborate on briefs by using an online repository instead of everyone having their own individual copies. Instead of manually emailing updates to your partner or clubmates, you can just click a button and instantly have the latest versions of everything.

Registration is free - click here to go to the Syncbox site for instructions.

Tesseract OCR Plugin

To enable screen-to-text functionality (for copying text from Google Books, locked PDFs, and other image-based sources), download and run the Tesseract OCR plugin installer below:

tesseract-plugin.exe (1.53 MB)

To copy text from your screen, right-click a text field, select "Paste from Screen..." and drag-and-drop to select the region to convert to text. Zoom in on the source document for best conversion quality - the larger the text, the better.

Additional Export Styles

Coming soon...

Syncbox Server Software

The software that powers the Syncbox server is open-source (GPL v3). If you want more flexibility, you can download and install it on your own server. (Requires PHP 5.3.0 or greater, which should be available most servers.) (40 KB)

For installation instructions, see "readme.txt" in the package.