Factsmith Documentation & Support

The complete Factsmith documentation is available online. (An offline version is also packaged with Factsmith, and can be accessed from the Help menu.) For bug reports and other issues, contact the developer (see bottom of page.)

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I'm having problems installing Factsmith.

I try to install Factsmith, but I get a message about not being able to write a file or a permission error.

I get a message saying the installer failed its integrity check when I run it.

I can't install the .NET framework on Windows 98.

I'm having problems running Factsmith.

Factsmith won't run - it shows the splash screen, but exits without ever showing the main window.

Factsmith won't run at all - it gives me a ".NET Framework Initialization Error" (or something similar.)

Factsmith won't run at all - I have a 64-bit computer.

I want to know how to do something with Factsmith.

How do I edit an evidence card? (or section, or text)

How do I copy text from Google Books?

How do I underline parts of my sources?

How do I export to PDF?

How do I create my own custom styles?

I'm looking for information on something about Factsmith.

What are the licensing requirements for Factsmith? How free is "free"?

Contact the Developer

For additional help, or to submit bug reports and suggestions, contact the developer of Factsmith at cogdebate@gmail.com. Include "Factsmith" in the subject line.